Team Participation and Guest Players

Team Participation & Guest Players:

U9-10 (14 players), U-11/12 (16 players) play 9v9 and U-13 thru U-14 and may enter with a maximum of 18 players. U-15 and U19 teams may enter with a maximum of 22 players. U15-U19 teams only dress 18 for each game.

Teams must submit proof of affiliation and permission to travel (if applicable). Each team must be registered with a National State Association affiliated with the USYS/USSF or national equivalent and must present a valid State or Provincial roster. CURRENT, DULY AUTHORIZED MEMBER PASSES, MEDICAL RELEASE FORMS AND OFFICIAL STATE APPROVED ROSTERS are required for all players participating in the tournament. Foreign Teams consult the Rules. All Team Officials must have Valid Member Passes.

Guest Players:

Under 09/10 six guest players, Under 11-19 a maximum of 8 guest players per team is allowed, however, a team using guest players may have no more than 18 players (14 players for U9/10, 16 for U11/12, and 18 for U13-14).

Under 15-U19 Teams - A maximum of 8 guest players per team is allowed, however, a team using guest players may have no more than 22 players registered for the tournament. U15-U19 teams may only dress 18 players for each game.


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