Updated May 1, 2020


During this difficult period, we would like to thank our membership for your patience as the Board of Directors worked diligently with the club’s staff to determine the optimal and safest course of action regarding Beach FC’s spring soccer programs. We understand that many of our families are being impacted by the pandemic and we want to be here to support and assist you now, and in the years to come.  Initially, in the interest of all our participants and their family’s health and well-being, we postponed all spring 2020 programs. As time elapsed and we received new information, your staff and volunteer Board of Directors met regularly to determine if we would be able to safely provide a meaningful program. Governor Northam’s statewide “Stay at Home” order through June 10, 2020 has effectively eliminated the possibility of continuing our spring season, unless amended or rescinded by a further executive order.

To provide some context regarding the impact to youth sports across our country, a coalition of hundreds of youth sports organizations, many of which are national governing bodies, have initiated proposed legislation to Congressional leaders to fund a relief package specifically for the youth sports population.  This designated fund would include reimbursement for lost expenses, including camps and clinics, funding for employee and contractual-related expenses needed to continue operations beyond the allowable period of the CARES Act and competition and event cancellations that are non-refundable or insurable due to the National Emergency nature of the cancellations.  Youth sports in our country remain at a critical juncture and like most other industries affected by the coronavirus adequate recovery will take time, leadership, planning, and support.

For almost 40 years we have made it our mission to provide a transformative youth sports environment.  We are proud to have fostered a large community of both current and former players and their families.  During these unprecedented times, we miss our ability to bring the joy and camaraderie of youth soccer to you, and we look forward to getting back on the fields soon. We appreciate the support from the many members that have reached out and asked how they can help and support us as we navigate uncharted waters.  We wish you continued health and happiness and as always thank you for your support.  Our Directors are hard at work planning for the 2020/2021 seasonal year and updates will be sent accordingly as decisions are made.

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