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Beach FC is registered with Aramark and Legends to assist our families in funding their childs' soccer expenses. Aramark and Legends are International Corporations specializing in food service to stadiums, arenas, campuses, businesses, and schools. Beach FC contracted with both Aramark and Legends to provide volunteers to staff events at the Veterans United Home Loans Amphitheater in Virginia Beach, ODU Football, and the ODU Chartway Area in Norfolk.

Aramark/Legends pay the club for the volunteer and the funds are distributed to individual players Beach FC player fees. Once the Beach FC player fees are paid in full, funds can be used for approved expenses. If you have specific questions on what the funds can cover please contact us.


We are using a sign-up genius to register all events and allow our volunteers to sign up. This tool allows everyone to sign up for events when they are available.

  • You must first register with prior to viewing the events.
  • Once you are registered you will begin to receive emails about upcoming events.
  • You will be able to sign up, send reminders to yourself, and even print out an event calendar.
  • Keep in mind that you must show up for the events and be committed to the program to stay active.

Aramark Reimbursable Items

- Additional Beach Programs, training, Futsal
- Beach FC training camps
- New Era
- Beach FC soccer uniforms
- Beach FC spirit wear
- Soccer Pants
- Soccer Jackets
- Goalie Pants, Jerseys, gloves
- Soccer Cleats (FUTSAL, indoor, outdoor)
- Soccer Ball
- Soccer Bag
- Tournament Fees for Advanced or Rec team playing in a tournament
- Tournament Fees for Travel/Travel Lite players playing with their Beach FC team in an approved tournament not covered by Travel Fees
- Hotel fees while at a tournament with a Beach FC team
- Mileage to and from tournaments
- Meals for player and family while at a tournament

Please submit all receipts along with your reimbursement request.

Venue Addresses

Venue Rules and Policies

ODU/ Ted Constant Convocation Center
4320 Hampton Blvd
Norfolk, VA 23529

ODU Football
S.B. Ballard Stadium

5115 Hampton Blvd
Norfolk, VA 23529

Veterans United Home Loans Amphitheater
3550 Cellar Door Way
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Beach FC Volunteer Rules and Policies

Cancellation - The cancellation policy prior to an event is 7 days (unless otherwise noted). A large amount of work goes into staffing, notifications, and submitting information to the venue. Last-minute cancellations cause unnecessary work. Signupgenius makes this a simple check for volunteers as you are able to print out a calendar with the events you have signed up to work on there, a calendar of every event going on and you even have the ability to sync the events to your calendars. I completely understand that we all have unexpected situations come up and emergencies, please contact me ASAP should the need arise.

Professionalism - Even though this is a volunteer job, you are still being reimbursed for your time and we need to always be professional. Our group is in high standing and staffs the high visibility locations at most of the venues, our actions are always being observed. Act as if this was your real job, if there are any issues or concerns, bring them to my attention. 

No-Shows - Beach FC is contracted to provide a set number of staffing for each event. If you sign up for an event, you are required to show up. No-Shows reflect negatively on our group and can cause us to lose our contract for the venue. Beach FC is in good standing and has worked hard to get the prime locations at each venue; it is through the hard work and dedication of past and present volunteers which made that possible. We want to keep this tradition going for future families to benefit for their soccer costs as well. We completely understand emergencies and things come up; however, please be aware of your schedule when signing up for events. No-shows will be placed on probation. If the problem persists you will be suspended from the program for a set amount of time and will only be allowed to rejoin once a probationary period has been cleared.

Probation Policy – It is our goal that we never have to utilize the probation policy, however, should a situation occur, the policy is as follows. The level of probation will be determined by the situation. The probation policy below is for the Beach FC Aramark program. If a venue places you on probation, the situation may be different.

Written Warning – You will receive a written warning discussing the situation, clarification on what should have been done and how to proceed in the future. Written warnings are typically kept on file for 1 year.

Probation – If you have previously been warned and the situation has been repeated or if the initial offense warrants immediate probation, you will be placed on probation for a length of time(7,14, or 30 days) determined after a review of the situation. Probation means that you will be prohibited from working events for a determined amount of time.

Permanent Probation – If the severity of the offense is severe enough, there have been multiple offenses or if the venue has stated that you are no longer permitted to work, you will be placed on permanent probation. If you are removed from one venue, it does not prohibit you from working at another venue; however, you will be on a trial basis to ensure that the situation does not duplicate itself.

Tips Certification

TIPS certification is alcohol awareness training. The classes are offered a couple times throughout the year and are good for 3 years. You must be TIPS certified to work ANY event at the Amphitheater and any concerts at the Ted Constant Center.  You do NOT have to be TIPS certified to work sporting events, non-alcoholic events or some locations during concerts.  It is preferred that you are TIPS certified even if you don't want to sell alcohol, that way there is never any question.

Notifications on TIPS certification classes will be advertised as they come up.  The class is free of charge to you.



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