Player Code of Conduct


Acceptance of membership by Beach FC is a privilege that carries certain responsibilities. As a Beach FC player you are representing our club at all times.

Players Expectations

As a Beach FC player, you have made a commitment to yourself, your teammates, your coaches, your parents, and the club. You have a responsibility to represent Beach FC in a positive fashion at all times.

As a Beach FC player, I will…

  • Commit my best effort everyday; train and play with a positive team spirit
  • Take pride in being honorable, ethical, and responsible
  • Respect my coach, teammates, parents, and the soccer community 
  • Obey and promote the spirit and laws of the game, the team, and the club
  • Arrive prepared for all team events with proper gear and mental attitude
  • Remember that soccer is a game; opponents on the other team are kids, not enemies
  • Respect the authority of officials and accept their decisions 
  • Control my temper and never retaliate, even if I believe I have been wronged
  • Only give positive encouragement to fellow teammates
  • Notify the coach as soon as possible if I will be tardy or unable to attend a team event
  • Notify the coach of any injuries or discomfort
  • Remember that I represent Beach FC on and off the field

. Further I will never…

  • Allow my enthusiasm and commitment for soccer to override my responsibilities to my education
  • Use profane or vulgar language
  • Leave the field or a session without the permission of the coach


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Proud Members Of


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Phone: 757-689-3352
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