Coach Code of Conduct


Coaches Expectations

As a Beach FC coach, you have a responsibility to be someone players can look up to and respect by upholding the club mission statement, core values, and procedures. You represent Beach FC in all communication and conduct.

As a Beach FC coach, I will… 

  • Foster a safe environment that emphasizes enjoyment through skill development, team building, and community involvement
  • Be an example of responsibility, dignity, patience, and positive spirit
  • Be a player advocate; place the needs and development of all players as your utmost priority 
  • Arrive to team events on time, prepared, and organized 
  • Ensure the team, players, coaches, and parents maintain the highest standards of sportsmanship 
  • Establish clear expectations and open lines of communication with players and parents
  • Consult the appropriate Beach FC director(s) on any issues I cannot resolve
  • Promote the concept that soccer is a game; players of the other team are opponents, not enemies
  • Promptly take the appropriate steps to minimize running up the score in games we clearly dominate
  • Teach my players to be humble and generous in victory and proud and courteous in defeat
  • Communicate and cooperate with other Beach FC coaches to provide players with the best opportunity to develop
  • Commit to growing as a coach by attending club sponsored training and coaches education courses

Further I will never…

  • Allow winning to supersede the players safety, welfare, or long-term development
  • Engage in any kind of unsportsmanlike conduct with a coach, manager, player, parent, or official
  • Criticize an official openly or directly, during or after games


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