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Virginia Beach

For specific questions regarding Travel Lite, please contact Director of Coaching, Travel Lite:  Tina Lowry 

Travel Lite Tryout Information

Tryouts for the Travel Lite program NOW OPEN!!! 

The below age groups will be represented in the Travel Lite program for Fall 2019:

 Birth Year Fall 2019
Team Name    Birth Year Fall 2019
Team Name
2010B U10B BFC 2010B Strikers 2008G U12G BFC 2008G Fury
2009B U11B BFC 2009B Tsunami 2007G U13G BFC 2007G Griffins
2006B U14B BFC 2006B Reckers 2006G U14G BFC 2006G Courage
2006B U14B BFC 2006B Sonics 2006G U14G BFC 2006G Rockets
2006B  U14B BFC 2006B Raptors 2006G U14G BFC 2006G Gunners
2005B U15B BFC 2005B Matrix 2005G U15G BFC 2005G Phoenix
2005B  U15B  BFC 2005B Sharks
2004B U16B BFC 2004B Arsenal 2004G U16G BFC 2004G Spirit
2004B U16B BFC 2004B Galaxy


U16G BFC 2004G Freedom
2004B  U16B  BFC 2004B Strikers 2004G U16G BFC 2004G Hurricanes
2004B  U16B  BFC 2004B NEW 2003G U17G BFC 2003G NEW
2003B U17B BFC 2003B Strikers  2002G U18G BFC 2002G Adrenaline
2001B U19B BFC 2001B Lightning 2002G U18G BFC 2002G Elite





Player Registration

Player Registration

VB Travel Lite Tryout Calendar

Tryout Acceptance Instructions

To accept a player’s spot after tryouts please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to this link:
  2. Click “Login”  in the upper right hand corner of the page
  3. Enter your...

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