Travel Lite Tryout Registration

Virginia Beach

Registration for our Virginia Beach Travel Lite program for Fall 2018 is open! 

For specific questions regarding Travel Lite, please contact Director of Coaching, Travel Lite:  Tina Lowry 

Travel Lite Overview

Virginia Beach



What is Travel Lite?

Travel Lite is a program designed for teams/players that seek to play on a travel team without the time or financial commitment associated with travel soccer.

Who can participate in Travel Lite?

Travel Lite is an ideal landing spot for committed Advanced teams that have outgrown the level of competition in TASL and are seeking something more. In fact, the teams listed below are Advanced teams that outgrew our Advanced league, earned, and sought out more competition and met specific criteria in order to move their team to Travel Lite. 

The below age groups will be represented in the Travel Lite program for Fall 2018:

  • 2006G U13G BFC 2006G Courage
  • 2006G U13G BFC 2006G Rockets
  • 2006G U13G BFC 2006G Gunners
  • 2004G U15G BFC 2004G Freedom
  • 2004G U15G BFC 2004G TBD
  • 2002G U17G BFC 2002G Adrenaline
  • 2002G U17G BFC 2002G Elite
  • 2002G U17G BFC 2002G Legacy
  • 2009B U10B BFC 2009B Tsunami
  • 2006B U13B BFC 2006B Schmeichel
  • 2005B U14B BFC 2005B Matrix
  • 2003B U16B BFC 2003B Strikers 
  • 2004B U15B BFC 2004B Arsenal
  • 2001B U18B BFC 2001B Lightning
  • 2000B U19B BFC 2000B Panthers 
  • 2000B U19B BFC 2000B Zidane 

When will Travel Lite host tryouts?

Travel Lite Tryouts for the above age groups have concluded. If we missed you, please register for the Travel Lite Program, Post Tryout Evaluation-Male or Post Tryout Evaluation- Female.

We are in the team building process but each age group is different. Please email for more information. 

Travel Lite Fees

Virginia Beach 2018-2019




Age Group

Total Consolidated

Payment 1


Payment 2


Payment 3


Payment 4



U13 (2006)

U14 (2005)

U15 (2004)






Fall and Spring VSLI season

U16 (2003)

U17 (2002)

U18/U19 (2001-2000)






Fall VSLI Season ONLY

Program Fees include: Program fees do not include:
  • 2 training sessions/week
  • Volunteer Licensed Coach
  • 3 Beach Tournaments (Sun Cup, Columbus Day and Spring Classic)
  • Coaches' Coaching Education Opportunities
  • Collaboration with Travel Staff in age group
  • Risk Management and Coaches background checks
  • League Fees and Governing Organization Fees (VSL, & VYSA)
  • Technical/Functional Training Sessions
  • VYSA Player Pass
  • Individual and small group College Research and Prep. Program
  • Club Website Hosting & Development Fees
  • Club Operating Expenses (insurance, online registration, additional club overhead)
  • Staff Salaries
  • Professional Fees (CPA, etc.)
  • Need-based Financial Aid Program
  • GK Training
  • Paid Coach
  • Coach's Expenses (travel/meals/lodging at away games/tournaments)
  • Access to HRSC Lighted Fields for training
  • Uniform items
  • Optional off-season programs (futsal, summer training, etc.)
  • Personal Travel Expenses
  • Off-season programs



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VB Travel Lite Tryout Calendar

Age Group Matrix

2018-2019 Seasonal Year

When determining the age group for a season, the year the season ends is used for determining the birth year. Also note that the format “U followed by age” really means that age and younger. For...

Tryout Acceptance Instructions

To accept a player’s spot after tryouts please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to this link:
  2. Click “Login”  in the upper right hand corner of the page
  3. Enter your...

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