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For questions not covered below please contact the Beach FC office.

 1. What is recreational league soccer?

2. Where do Beach FC recreation league teams play?

3. How long is the season?

4. How are teams formed?

5. What about playing time?

6. How much does it cost to register?

7. Does my child need a uniform or other equipment, and if so what are the fees?

8. What does the U “any number” mean?

9. Are there any age restrictions?

10. Can I request my child to be placed on a specific team or with specific friends?

11. How can I help my child’s team?

12. How do I register?

13. What is the deadline for registration?

14. What is the policy on refunds?

15. Does Beach FC offer financial aid?

16. When do teams change from being co-ed to all-girl teams?

17. What happens after I register my child?


1. What is Recreation League soccer?

At the rec level, any child may play, regardless of experience. Many of our youngest players have had no experience at all.  The focus is on socialization, building self-esteem, building character. 

The recreation league (rec league) consists of two seasons: Fall and Spring.  Registration for the Fall begins in early May and ends early September. Practices begin in late August. Registration for the Spring season begins in November with practices beginning in late February.

2. Where do Recreation League teams play?

Games: For each season, games will be played at Williams Farm Park located in the City of Virginia Beach.  Each scheduled game is played at an assigned field, although start times may vary from game to game.  Most games are scheduled for Saturday mornings with first games starting at 8:30 or 9:00 AM and the following games starting through mid-day.  Games usually last about an hour.

Practices:  All rec coaches are volunteers and are typically parents or guardians of a player on that team.  Coaches can request their practice field location and times of practice.  Practice fields are located across the City of Virginia Beach, often on school grounds, and are assigned to Beach FC each season by Virginia Beach’s Department of Parks and Recreation.  

Beach FC tries to group players on teams near where they live so practice fields are often within an easy driving distance of home.  Teams usually hold a one-hour practice during the week. (U4-U6 teams usually practice 1 time a week; U7 - U16 teams practice 1 to 2 times per week.) Beach FC encourages parents and guardians of young players to be present throughout each practice. 

3. How long is the season?

Practices for the fall season begin in late-August, with the first of 7 or 8 games scheduled for early-September and the last game scheduled for early-November. 

Practices for the spring season begin late-February, with the first of 8 games scheduled for the beginning of March, and the last game scheduled for the beginning of May.

4. How are teams formed?

Beach FC makes every attempt to form teams by neighborhood.  That is why we ask to know the Virginia Beach City’s Elementary School closest to your home.  Depending on how many players register, different neighborhoods will have different numbers of teams.  Age-group coordinators work hard to place children as close as possible to their home neighborhoods.  Coordinators also match volunteer parent-coaches with their neighborhood and always place the coach’s child on that team.

5. What about playing time?

We encourage opportunity for longer play duration and touches on the ball at all age groups and divisions.  Specifically, U5 through U8 will play an All-Play format.  The purpose of the All Play Format is to provide players the opportunity to play for longer durations.  If the kids are playing longer, the games tend to open up and players get more touches on the ball. The multiple fields also provide a more player-centric environment where coaches are no longer concerned with substitutions or trying to win the match.  Instead, they are game facilitators, allowing players to make their own decisions and play more freely.

6. How much does it cost to register?

Player fees for a single season are as follows:

Age Group

Registration Fee






$115 plus uniform kit

Early Bird registration ends on July 31, 2019.  An additional $10.00 charged is assessed for all registrations occurring after that date.

Head coaches receive a $40.00 player registration discount per season.

Late Fee: $5 fee will be added once we go to Wait List

7. Does my child need a uniform or other equipment, and if so what are the fees?

All players are required to have Shin guards (covered by socks) for practices and games – (Cleats are optional), a Soccer ball for practice (Beach FC will provide a game day soccer ball), and Water bottle. 

For the U4-U12 Recreation players, a t-shirt is included in the registration fee. For the U13-U16 players are required to purchase a uniform (consisting of a red t-shirt, silver t-shirt, black shorts and black socks - you can order your uniform here.  (Jersey # is not required to place an order.)

8. What does the U "any number" mean?

The "U" stands for Under – i.e. U12 will mean most athletes are under the age of 12.  When registering the system will automatically offer the correct age group according to the player's birth year.   Note:  A player does not 'age out' of an age group during a year when he/she reaches a birthday.  

9. Are there any age restrictions?

Yes. Recreation league age-groups are structured by date of birth, NOT by grade in school.  A list of all current age-groups and their coordinators is located at the "Recreation Registration" drop-down menu tab at the top of the main page.

10. Can I request my child be placed on a specific team or with specific friends?

Requests can be made but not guaranteed.

11.  How can I help my child’s team?

Each team needs a coach and an assistant coach.  In addition, a parent usually volunteers as a team manager to schedule snacks, orange slices and take charge of the end-of-season party. 

If you are interested in volunteering as a coach or assistant coach of your child’s team, you may do so online as you register your player. Each coach and assistant coach must submit a completed "KidSafe form" prior to the start of that season.  This document is used to run a background check in accordance with regulations from Beach FC’s guiding group, the Virginia Youth Soccer Association (VYSA).   You can complete the KidSafe form online as you volunteer.  No coach or assistant coach may attend a practice or game without first submitting a completed KidSafe form. Coaches of each age-group work with an age-group coordinator, who is also a volunteer and usually a parent or guardian of a player in that age-group.  The age-group coordinator places players and coaches on teams and sets up the game schedule.

12.  How do I register?

Register online at Click on the Login (if you have an account) or Register link to create an account.  

13. What is the deadline for registration?

Registration is open typically until 2 weeks prior to the start of the season and then will move into our Wait List period. Please note that the cost of registration is less if you register during the early bird registration period, and increases during the late registration period. 

Any registration not complete by the close of registration will be considered incomplete and the player will not be assigned to a team.

Please keep in mind that age-group coordinators (NOT coaches) determine if there is a need for additional players on any team within the age-group.

14. What is the policy on refunds?

All refund requests need to be submitted by September 1 for our fall season and March 1 for our spring season. Download our Recreation Refund Request form click here and submit refunds to

15. Does Beach FC offer financial aid?

We are always willing to help when we can do so – as for each circumstance is unique to the individual, please contact the Director of Grassroots Development for any potential assistance.

16.  When do teams change from being co-ed teams to being all boy or all girl teams?

Our teams are co-ed through every age-group, however, all-girl programs will start at the U7 through U12 age groups only in recreation. If you wish for your child to play up an age group you must request this under "comments" during registration.

17. What happens after I register my child?

Upon completion of registration, you will be contacted by your coach after the coaches meeting.  You will be notified, by your coach, with information regarding practice locations/times/game schedules, etc. For continuing players, it is very likely that you will be placed on your same team as the previous season.  However, there are circumstances, such as coaching changes, where it is necessary to re-shuffle teams.  We strongly encourage parents/guardians to always consider volunteering as a coach or assistant coach.


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