Beach FC/Norfolk Strikers Merger FAQ:
updated January 24, 2017

Will Norfolk teams be able to stay together? Yes, Norfolk Recreation and Advanced teams will be able to stay together if they want to.  All Recreational program players have the ability to choose if they’d like to remain on the same team when registering and we make every effort to honor those requests.  Norfolk Travel players are committed to their team for the seasonal-year which runs through the end of the spring season.

What will our name be? Recreation, Advanced, and Academy will be Beach FC teams beginning in the spring of ’17.  Travel (annual program) will stay as Norfolk Strikers until the spring season finishes and beginning in the fall of ’17 will become Beach FC teams.

Can Norfolk Players Register for Virginia Beach Programs and vice versa?  Yes, but if you choose to register for programs offered outside of your city of residence (Recreational/Advanced/Junior Academy) please note that practices and games will be held in that particular city in which you registered.  

How do we register?  Registration is open now at www.beachfc.com.  Select the desired program and follow the registration instructions on the website. 

Where will we play?  You will play at the same locations that you do now.  It is our full intent to keep residents in Norfolk playing regularly in Norfolk.  We have been working closely with the City of Norfolk to make sure this is a priority.  Due to the proximity of recreation game fields, there may also be opportunities to cross-schedule Norfolk and Virginia Beach games for an overall positive qualitative experience and if that is the case, we would utilize fields in both municipalities (but this would just be for games - all training will take place in Norfolk).

How much will it cost?  Rec, advanced, and academy will cost virtually the same as you are used to paying.  Those programs were already being run very similarly.  Since we are not integrating Travel soccer in the spring of ’17 we will use the spring to structure how it will look leading into tryouts in May.  Please note that Beach FC Travel uses an all-inclusive fee which covers all club fees, league fees, tournament fees, coach’s fees, player pass fees, etc.  Most other local clubs break their fees up into club fees and team fees and therefore we encourage you to do your homework to see what is wrapped into other fee structures and what would have to be paid externally after accepting your spot on a team.  We know that you will find that Beach FC has very competitive rates when an “apples to apples” comparison is completed.

What uniforms will we wear?  Recreation and Academy will wear a Beach FC t-shirt that is included in their registration fees.  Advanced will continue to wear Strikers uniforms through the spring so they don’t have to buy new uniforms for one season.  Advanced and Travel players will transition to the new Beach FC uniform in the fall of ’17.   

Who will the coaches be?  We plan on utilizing all of the coaches that currently work with the Strikers while also looking to expand the coaching pool in Norfolk.  Individuals familiar with the Strikers organization will work closely with Beach FC during the transition.  Our goal is to continue the progress that has already been made in Norfolk and improve some of the administrative challenges while also elevating standards across all programs.

Will Beach FC make drastic changes?   As a condition of the merger, Norfolk club leadership will have representation in matters pertaining to future Norfolk programs.  Part of the due diligence was to make sure that both clubs are willing and able to foster quality growth in Norfolk.

To learn more about Beach FC we invite you to visit the website at www.beachfc.com.

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