Meet the Newest Beach FC Administrator

Beach FC is proud to announce the addition of Yolanda (Yoli) Sabalerio as Travel Program Administrator.

"Yoli" Sabalerio has been an integral member of the Beach FC Recreation Program Staff for the better part of 5 years.  Since 2012, she has served as an Age Group Coordinator, a volunteer position which requires the ability to build rosters, communicate with coaches and families, organize facilities, etc.  In addition, she has spent much time in the Beach FC office helping with administrative tasks across all programs.  "Yoli will fit in great with our staff and I am sure it will be a smooth transition since she has established a great base of knowledge from her time with the club.  She has exhibited a tremendous work ethic and understands the moving parts of youth soccer administration" said Steve Danbusky, Beach FC Executive Director.

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