Junior Academy Parent Code of Conduct

Responsibilities and Liabilities

Soccer is a sport which belongs to the players. While soccer is exciting for parents and spectators, parent and spectator excitement and enthusiasm must be both positive and controlled. Uncontrolled or abusive parental behavior is not accepted at Beach FC. The following standards of conduct outline a philosophy that is paramount to the game of soccer:

  • To arrange to get my child to training and games on time.
  • To contact the coach or respective Director prior to any absence (or late arrival) if my child must miss a training session or game (or must arrive late).
  • To be supportive of my child and fellow Junior Academy players.
  • To leave the coaching to the coaches. To cheer, but to not direct my child or any Junior Academy players in any way. Parental coaching during practice or games will NOT be tolerated, and will jeopardize the child’s further participation in the Junior Academy program.
  • To promptly pay all fees when due. To contact the Club prior to the payment deadline if I am unable to make a payment on time.
  • To never bring alcohol, tobacco products (including smokeless tobacco), illegal drugs, pets, or firearms to any Beach FC Junior Academy practice or game, at home or away. To always remember I am responsible for the conduct of all visitors I bring to any practice or game.
  • To KEEP THE GAME IN ITS PROPER PERSPECTIVE. If my child’s performance produces strong emotions within me, I will suppress them. I will keep my goals and needs separate from my child’s. I will focus on my child’s long term development over short term results or winning.

Anyone who violates this Agreement and Code of Conduct is subject to immediate dismissal from any game or practice and disciplinary action up to and including being expelled from Beach FC.

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