July 2014

Monday, July 28, 2014 1:50 PM
Subj:  Beach FC Jr. Academy Fall 2014

Parents & Players of the Beach FC Jr. Academy,

For those of you I have not met, my name is Gregg Mottinger and I am the Jr. Academy Director with Beach FC. I hope this email finds you well and you are excited about our fall season!  We are set to start in just over three weeks on August 20th. Our experienced and professional staff is excited to get back on the field and I look forward to coaching everyone this fall!

Some of the values of the Academy include creating an environment that is fun and instills a love of the game (intrinsic motivation). Making sure the environment that encourages risk-taking and creativity both in practice and in games and that places individual players, not teams, central to all decision-making regarding training and competition. Also, create an environment where young players are exposed to a game that emphasizes skill development over team development. Coaching through age appropriate demonstrations and activities versus drills to train technique as well as decision-making. Sessions will be focusing on teaching correct technique – dribbling, ball control, passing, shooting, juggling, etc. Last, utilizing guided discovery teaching methods versus the command style, giving the game back to the kids and enhancing their problem solving ability.

Training dates will be Wednesday and Friday nights at the Hampton Roads Soccer Complex. Training will run from August 20th-October 29th. We will be training 10 straight weeks including Labor Day Weekend.  The U6 age group will train from 5:00 until 5:45 on Wednesdays and the U7-U8s will train from 6:00-7:15 on Wednesdays and Fridays. Saturdays will be our game days at Virginia Wesleyan University. The U6s will have their games from 10:00-10:45am and the U7-U8s will have games from 11:00-12:00am.

If we miss a training date or game it will be rescheduled. We pride ourselves in getting all 30 training days and games in.

Each training session will vary, but will be highly competitive and have the kids playing against the other players in the academy maximizing touches on the ball and primarily focusing on the technical side of the game. Players will train in training groups for organizational purposes and will be separated into training groups the first night. Each U7-U8 player will be on a MLS team for training! U6s will be split up randomly before each session. Training sessions will be different every week, and will run in stations some weeks or have one coach with one group for the entire session. All the stations will have a specific theme the coach is focusing on. One session may include a technical dribbling station, technical passing station, 1v1s or 2v2s, moves and turns, and then a game station.
Every Wednesday, I will bring all the U7-U8 parents together to discuss the focal points of the sessions that week and answer any questions the parents may have. This is a great tool to educate our parents on what is being taught in the Academy so you can reinforce learning by asking questions with your son or daughter about the specific activities after the session is over.

Games on Saturdays will mix U8 & U7 players sometimes, others will mix in the girls and boys, others will be with their own age group. The ultimate goal of the games is low numbers on each field, lots of touches on the ball, and strictly developmental based without an emphasis on a result. No subs and every player with play for the entire hour. Each field will have a coach that may pause throughout the game to make a couple quick points and help to keep the game flowing. Our games will have 8-10 min. halves. Quick break then play again for a second half. One team will then rotate to play another team for two halves while one team will stay on the field and wait for another team to rotate to them. Each team will play at least three games every Saturday. Players will play with and against different players every week to vary the level of competition.

At each session it is imperative that each player have soccer cleats, shin guards, socks over the shin guards, a soccer ball (pumped up), and plenty of water. No energy drinks or soda. I will give the players plenty of water breaks to keep them hydrated throughout the session. Proper training attire for each session is imperative. All players need to have black or white socks and black or white shorts for every session. Jr. Academy T-shirts or jerseys need to be worn at all sessions. Old jerseys and shirts from previous season are great too!

Communication will be key for success this Fall. If you can't make a session please let me or one of the coaches know. We expect all players to be at all sessions but we understand conflicts do arise.

Parent & Player expectations are on the Beach FC website and I strongly encourage you take a look at them. Go to www.beachfc.com, click on Jr. Academy at the top, then on Philosophy on the left hand side. It is imperative that we have no parent coaching going on at any of the sessions. Lets allow the kids to play is a stress free environment where the kids can grow and develop while learning the game from our professional highly qualified staff. This allows the players to solve the soccer problems on their own. During all training sessions, parents must stay in the pavilion off to the side of the field. During the games, I urge you to cheer and encourage all the players on the field and feel free to bring your vuzuzelas! But refrain from coaching and giving tactical instructions because the players get confused very easily when they are being told two different things from the coaches and parents.

Last, on training days if weather is a factor, I will send out an e-mail by 3 o'clock with cancellations. You man also call the HRSC Hotline: (757) 518-5176 which will be updated. On Saturdays I will send out an e-mail by 9am.

Our first training date is Wednesday Aug. 20th.

As always, shoot me an email if you have any questions. Look forward to seeing you all soon!







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