Dubli -Beach FC Fundraising Program

Beach FC is excited to announce our partnership with Dubli, the world’s ultimate travel, shopping and entertainment destination.  Dubli is a consumer focused company, and the world’s largest on-line e-commerce company with over 2,000 of the top U.S. stores most people use daily when they shop on-line.

Why should I sign up?

Your online shopping can save YOU money while supporting Beach FC!

•It will save you money!
•You get Cash Back for purchases you already make on-line. This is real cash, not coupons or credits. REAL CASH!
• Dubli will in turn pay money to Beach FC when registered members use the site. This is a great way to create additional funds to subsidize the costs our players and their families pay.

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 How does it work?

Companies pay search engines (such as Google) fees to appear at the top of a customer’s search.  Dubli does not charge the company anything, but receives acommission if a Dubli customer purchases a product from the company.  From the commission Dubli receives from the company following your purchase, Dubli pays you Cash Back.  The Companies don’t have to pay anything until they make a sale.  You get Cash Back.  It’s a win-win situation for everyone!
When you log on to your Dubli account to begin shopping on-line, you will see thousands of well-known merchants. Simply click on the company you desire and you will be sent by Dubli to that company’s specific and exact site. You are directed to the same company site you would visit had you not gone through Dubli. You then can use any discounts, coupons or promotions you normally would have used on that site. Dubli also provides all available coupons or discounts from the retailer.

What is Cash Back?

At Dubli, you receive cash back from your purchases from the thousands of companies Dubli has partnered. Dubli has forged unique agreements with countless well known merchant and travel companies around the world that pay Dubli commissions based on the products you buy. Dubli, in turn passes the commission to their customers in the form of Cash Back. NOT certificates or coupons, but real Cash Back! YES IT’S TRUE, real Cash Back to you on something many people are already doing, shopping on-line.
The Cash Back can be handled in a number of ways. You can transfer it directly to your bank account, load it onto a MasterCard debit card to spend or withdraw at an ATM, or transfer it to your e-wallet. Remember it is actual cash – not vouchers or credits!

Do they really have agreements with quality companies with significant Cash Back incentives?

YES! The answer to that question is a resounding YES. We can’t list the thousands of companies here, but following are just a few with the associated Cash Back percentages for a VIP member:

•Soccer.com (10.9%)
•LaCrosse.com (10.9%)
•Home Depot (7.9%)
•Lowes (8%)
•Groupon (6.1%)
•Apple Store (7%)
•Jos A. Banks (12.5%)

•PetSmart (11.2%)
•Target (7.3%)
•Living Social (6.7%)
•Nordstrom (11%)
•Steve Madden (14%)
•Sam’s Club (7.9%)
•BJ’s Wholesale Club (6.7%)

•Callaway Golf (9.9%)
•Advance Auto Parts (11.2%)
•Bed Bath & Beyond (6.7%)
•Macy’s (7.9%)
•Aeropostle (8.6%)
•Banana Republic (8.6%)
•Best Buy (7.1%)
•Walmart (6.6%)
•Walgreens (10.6%)
•Match.com (81%)
•Hurley (10.6%)
•Bass Pro Shops (9.2%)
•Marriot (7.4%)

By any stretch those Cash Back percentages are significant. Moreover, let’s not forget Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline and Orbitz provide up to 14% Cash Back. We encourage you to explore the countless number of options available through our partnership with Dubli. 

Does it cost me anything to sign up?

No sign up fee!! There is NO sign up fee to use Dubli. When you sign up as a free member you get full access to the site, including Cash Back on every purchase. Moreover, free members get free use of Dubli’s music library, videos, entry to Dubli’s monthly sweepstakes, email accounts and 2 GB of cloud storage.

Dubli does offer additional membership levels. Following the “Free Membership” level is the “Premium Membership” level. At a cost of $4.95/month one can become a Premium Member. This level is significantly better than the “Free Membership” due to the following:

•Premium Members earn an additional 4% Cash Back annually for all purchases
•All the features as the “Free Member” , except Premium Members receive 5 GB of cloud space
•Dubli Prepaid Debit MasterCard
•Save unlimited music and video playback
•Save unlimited radio station playlists
•Save unlimited game playlists

The Dubli VIP membership is truly outstanding. For $99.00/year, one can become a VIP member. VIP members obviously get all the benefits as Free and Premium Members, except the following awesome differences:

•VIP members earn an additional 6% Cash Back monthly on all purchases
•VIP members receive 100 GB of Dubli cloud storage
•Access to customers referral program
•Access to special VIP offer/programs with special discounts and Cash Back
•VIP members also can earn $20.00 for each VIP member they refer and sign up

Our partnership with Dubli allows families the opportunity to save significant dollars and help the club raise funds to subsidize the costs our players and their families pay. It doesn’t cost you anything to sign up, why not give it a try? We highly recommend you review the Dubli brochure. It is packed with helpful information regarding Dubli.


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