Beach FC to Develop & Build Futsal Facility in 2016

We are excited to announce that Beach FC is in the planning and development stages of a new, state-of-the-art futsal facility for our players. Many of you have participated in our futsal leagues at Baylake Pines or Cape Henry Collegiate and recognize the fun the kids have playing futsal and how effective it has been for their technical development.  

Historically we have rented facilities for futsal which limited our ability to meet demand or offer incremental training.  Having access to our own facility will truly be a differentiator in the development of our players at all ages and levels within the club.  The proposed facility will feature two regulation futsal courts, with adjoining Beach FC offices.  The centrally located facility near HRSC will provide an incredible opportunity for our players to develop their skills with what U.S. Soccer is calling the key to future player development. 

Project Details

We anticipate beginning the construction process in early 2016 with a goal of opening the facility for use in late 2016 or early 2017.  Over the years the club has been operated in a conservative manner, with particular care in budgeting and managing expenses well, enabling us to take on this endeavor.   Below are the latest renderings of the proposed facility.

Project updates will be forthcoming via our website and social media platforms and we encourage members to follow our progress. As more details are finalized and the project evolves towards the construction phase, we will communicate how you can get involved.

To expedite the process and ensure that it's properly managed, Beach FC has hired Tom Dye, from TWD Builders as the project manager. 

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