Mission Statement

To provide every child from age 3 to 18 the opportunity to play soccer in a supportive, rewarding, and safe environment that emphasizes fun, a balance between individual skill development and team building, learning of life skills at a level that fits each player’s interest and ability, and which creates a challenging environment for the teams and players that aspire to reach their full potential.

Beach FC Purpose:

Our goal at Beach FC is to encourage youth to develop a love of soccer that results in active, life-long participation in the sport by providing a competitive training and match environment. Beach FC will deliver an expanding program to all youth ages 3 - 18; delivering a rewarding soccer experience that allows ALL players to develop to their full potential. We seek to provide this environment to players throughout their club soccer experience so as they grow as adults, they may continue to participate as players. This will encourage them to give back to the sport by developing the next generation of youth soccer players.

Beach FC Strategy:

We will seek to develop youth by providing them with a challenging and enjoyable soccer program. Players will develop soccer skills and friendships as well as interpersonal skills while emulating appropriate role models. A strong select program is provided for Beach FC players who choose to play at the highest competitive levels. All Beach FC Travel Coaches are coaching professional who hold coaching licenses at the State and National level. Coaches with the highest skills and values are sought and developed. All Recreation Coaches are required to hold a coaching license consistent with the ages that he/she coaches. These guidelines are set by our State governing body, the Virginia Youth Soccer Association (VYSA).

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