Virginia Beach Columbus Day Tournament - Register Here
October 10-11, 2015 (Sat and Sun)


Important Dates:

Application deadline: August 31, 2015 
Acceptance emailed:  September 7, 2015
College Book Inputs: September 27, 2015
Tournament Competition dates: October 10-11, 2015 (Sat and Sun)


Teams needing early acceptance for flight and travel plans should request such to All efforts will be made to reply ASAP.


Important Note:  SAT date October 10.  U19 Boys and Girls Teams will be accommodated for late start Saturday and play a modified 3 Game College Showcase format with one game Saturday and two games on Sunday - see below.  

Online Registration Deadline: September 10 - October 7, 2015 7PM

Application Procedures

Teams desiring to attend the Annual Virginia Beach Soccer Tournament should complete and submit the online application. The Application MUST be submitted online. 

The tournament makes every effort to accommodate teams’ coaching conflicts (deconflict games) - ensure you indicate this in your application (team has same coach as ...).  


Application Deadline:

August 31, 2015 (See note below)

Application Fee:

U9-11 - $660.00


U-12 – U14 $775.00


U15-19 - $825.00

Payment Check/MO:

A check for the appropriate application fee MUST BE IN THE HANDS OF THE TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR BY August 31, 2015. Checks (made payable to Virginia Beach Columbus Day Soccer Tournament) can be mailed to 3200 Dam Neck Rd, Ste 104, Virginia Beach, VA 23453. FAX or Email copies of check will NOT be accepted.

Note: Official notification of acceptance and non-acceptance will be e-mailed and placed on the website at (tournaments) no later than September 6, 2014. Those teams not accepted will have their entry fee returned. Should a non-accepted team later be granted entry into the tournament, the team will be required to resubmit the tournament entry fee.

General Information & Online Registration

Age Groups & Competition Levels

The following age groups are invited: (U18 play U19)

 U-9-10, U11 & U12 Teams

The Tournament will be offering Under U9-10 competition in 7v7, U11-12 will be 8 v 8. There is no U12 11v11.

The number of teams accepted, the number of flights, and the placement of teams amongst flights will be at the discretion of the tournament committee.

Team Participation & Guest Players

U9-11 (14 players), U-12 (18 players) play 8v8 and U-13 thru U-14 and may enter with a maximum of 18 players. U-15 and U19 teams may enter with a maximum of 22 players. U15-U19 teams only dress 18 for each game. 

Teams must submit proof of affiliation and permission to travel (if applicable). Each team must be registered with a National State Association affiliated with the USYS/USSF or national equivalent and must present a valid State or Provincial roster. CURRENT, DULY AUTHORIZED MEMBER PASSES, MEDICAL RELEASE FORMS AND OFFICIAL STATE APPROVED ROSTERS are required for all players participating in the tournament. Foreign Teams consult the Rules. All Team Officials must have Valid Member Passes.

Guest Players:  Under 09 through Under 15 - A maximum of 5 guest players per team is allowed, however, a team using guest players may have no more than 18 players (14 players for U9-11, 18 for U12-15).

Under 15-U19 Teams - A maximum of 5 guest players per team is allowed, however, a team using guest players may have no more than 22 players registered for the tournament. U15-U19 teams may only dress 18 players for each game.

U19 & SAT Date:  Accommodation will be made for U19 boys and girls desiring to take the SAT "LOCALLY".  These teams will play a 3 game showcase (one game Saturday PM and two games Sunday)(no finals/no standings).   This is to enable players desiring to take the SAT "locally" the opportunity to participate with a later game start on Saturday. Plan on the Saturday first game starting from 1pm and afterwards. You are encouraged to take the SAT locally in Virginia Beach for ease of schedule for your team.


Team awards will be presented to champions and finalists for all levels of competition.

College Player Profile Book

Accepted teams in the U-16, U-17 & U-19 age groups have the opportunity to submit their team into our "College Player Profile Book". This book, detailing specific academic and athletic merits of each player, will be made available to the attending college coaches.

Hotel Accommodations -
Contact Housing Service Immediately - do not wait for acceptance.

Teams participating in the Tournament ARE REQUIRED to make all hotel accommodations using our tournament housing service. We have negotiated with all tournament hotels to have a no-penalty charge if the event is cancelled on Thursday prior to the event.  The tournament housing service is a free service and enables the City of Virginia Beach to ascertain tax revenue and in turn helps with future grants to build/improve soccer field/facilities development. We encourage your support of developing facilities for youth players.  Some hotels will be offering single night stays - check the listing on the website for this information. Click here for hotel reservation form.

Other questions can be addressed to Andrea Casperson at:

(888) 832-6745
(866) 431-1754 fax

Online Game History

The Tournament desires to place teams properly and competitively. To ensure this it is imperative that we have accurate and specific information on all teams wishing to play. Please ensure the Game History portion is completed accurately and in its entirety.

Contact/Other Information

Team Officials may contact us at e-mail with questions and you will be promptly answered.


Field are dynamic - they can, and do change. The Tournament utilizes some of the finest fields in Virginia Beach and surrounding areas. Listed below are the field complexes for which we hold permits for the 2011 event.

Field Locations - Click here to view tournament field directions.

Hampton Roads Soccer Complex (Virginia Beach)
Princess Anne Athletic Complex (Virginia Beach)

Redwing Park (Virginia Beach)
Lake Taylor High School (Norfolk)
The Tournament reserves the right to change field locations.


If you desire to referee please contact Kathryn Horton at 757-464-3988 or


Neither the Tournament Committee, Beach FC, Hotel Service, nor the Tournament Sponsors are responsible for any expenses incurred by any team in the event the tournament is cancelled in whole or part, or in the event games are discontinued or cancelled due to inclement weather or adverse field conditions, nor will any refunds be made. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to decide all matters pertaining to the tournament. The judgment of the Tournament Committee is final. The Tournament Director has authority to make all decisions and these decisions will be final. All referee decisions are final and binding.

Other Information

If you have a question that cannot be answered by the above, please do not hesitate to contact us at . E-mail is preferred as phone calls take inordinate time to return.

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